Can Bosc is an artful and heartfull place, 45 minutes away from the city of Barcelona, Spain, on the Montseny Mountain, a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  Here you will feel as if you are out of the world, out of the everyday doings, noise and stress. This is a wild, magical and pure place.

 We are a family with the trees, plants, rocks, animals, water, fire, air and the earth. We take care of this place with much effort and respect. Electricity comes from solar panels, our heat from a wood stove, this is how we also heat the water for the shower. Internet comes through a satellite connection and the water we drink comes from a natural spring that is born here.

We have a yurt for our gatherings and workshops, and an area for camping too. In the future you’ll be able to stay in a small enchanted house and prepare your own meals, if you wish so.

Our meals can be ecological,  prepared with so much love, and besides the workshops we offer, you can rent the yurt for your to come and spend a day, a week or as long as you need to be with yourself, re-connect with nature or simply enjoy the magical wildlife.

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