“The Earth, a gift from the Stars”

When I create it is my soul that is manifesting. I let myself be in pleasure, passion, the earth shows me the way. The “I” want to create disappears. The mental construction of my being vanishes. Shapes pierce me as I travel to forgotten times and I remember ancestral ceremonies of offerings to Mother Earth. I use different clays and glazes, layer upon layer, the imprint of space sinks in time and the alchemy lives on the transformation of the elements that become the final piece. Each one of this pieces is unique, handmade with my intuition, my love and my soul. 

My encounter with ceramics began more than ten years ago through my astrology teacher who, while reading my astral chart, invited me to play with the possibility of connecting with clay. When he died, I wanted to honor his vision so I began studies in the School/Workshop Ixió of Argentona, Spain. The first time I touched the clay, it felt as I had worked with it in past lives. Over the years my passion and connection to clay has grown and grown, reaching my own line of work and artistic expression. I apply different techniques with varieties of clay and offer individual and group workshops centered in the discovery of your own creativity and inner growth.


So you may offer your blood, your waters.
So you may burn copal and myrrh.
 So they may preside your altar and  join your prayers. 
So you may connect with your ancestors.
 Or for what you wish. 

With my hands:

  • Ceramic Workshops.
  • Commissioned  unique pieces.
  • Funeral Urn, previous interview to deepen in your needs.
  • For pregnant women, the creation of a plaster cast of the belly to make a bowl made of clay with the same shape, to commemorate the space where the baby grew in, so you can gift it to him or her when they are adult. You can choose the kind of clay and glaze for the finishing of the piece.


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Ceramic Workshop – Return to the Origin


Transformation through clay


My ceramic workshops are unusual as we work the external and internal clay in full presence. You don’t need to know much or anything about the technique, you only need to be willing to enter a space and time that belong to creativity and contemplation, so that through the creation of a unique ceramic piece you can access the source of your creativity and the limitations that arise from past experiences in creation.

  • Aimed to: Anyone who wants to experiment with their hands and create a ceramic pieces in connection with their essence.
  • Duration: Two weekends. The first weekend there will be an introduction to the art of ceramics and the bonding with nature. Everyone will share what they are planning to create and we will get hands on clay.  The following weekend we will glaze the pieces that I will have fired at low temperature during the week, so that we can do the final firing of the pieces with the Raku technique.
  • Place:  Can Bosc of Tagamanent. A place out of this world, in the Montseny National Parc, a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
    Close to the towns of  Tagamanent, La Garriga, Figaró, Aiguafreda and 45 minutes from Barcelona.  You may stay at Can Bosc or the near towns.
  • You can contact me for further details. 

Ceramics Gallery