Inner Quest for women who are willing to deepen their connection to their menstrual cycle, their womb and their soul path by taking a journey into the unknown to experience the alchemy within and without. An encounter with your power and a life changing experience. There is no way out, only through.

Ten days out of the world, into your womb, four days and three nights on a solo journey, immersed in Nature, fasting of solids, held in sacred ways. Arrival will be on the afternoon of the 20th of July and departure on the morning of the 29th. Food nourishment will be ecological and of proximity, and the time we spend together we will be in a yurt in the forest.

“Descending to the underworld while bleeding and immersed in the wilderness, my body fell deep. The way Myriam holds sacred space gives a feeling of being held by the divine mother with such tender authenticity. I have never felt so safe. Because Myriam shines her pure authentic nature there is trust to open more and more. From journeying deep, being supported in this way I can now hear her call, her voice stronger than ever before from the inside. I can walk my path with trust feeling whole and really follow my primal senses, my power. 
I give thanks and gratitude for Myriam’s ability to gently shine a light in the dark places and the care and love that I was shown to feel so safe to journey down and meet myself out in the wilderness. The container that was created lives on. I give many thanks.”  Katie


Where:  Can Bosc de Tagamanent

When: From the 20th to the 29th of July 2018