Holding You

I hold space for intimacy and respect, profound listening and the offering of a new and fresh vision to situations and experiences that might need inner transformation. Your liberation is bound up with mine, I feel this space as a place of presence and humbleness, so that I may give from my center, focused on mutual growth.

Holding you online

Individual private sessions related with women’s rites of passage: your birth or your children’s birth; menarche (Red Path); motherhood; menopause; death and all our relations. 

  • Aimed to: Women and adolescents.
  • Duration: One hour.
  • Value: The first session of  half an hour is free of value so we may know each other. The following one hour sessions are 50 euros.
  • Medium: Skype or Zoom.

“Myriam has supported me in various deep processes in my path towards healing, unconditionally, without judgement and I will always be grateful to her.” Analia Tabarez, Body Therapist, Uruguay.

Holding you in Nature

Individual sessions incorporating the natural medium as the therapeutic and spiritual support that it is, with the intention of deepening, in natural connectedness, with the personal issues that you want to address, so that the emotional work, the earth, the water, the trees and the animals may favor inner transformation. 

  • Aimed to:Women and adolescents.
  • Duration: One hour or as we agree.
  • Value: One hour session 50 euros or as we agree if it is a longer session.
  • Place: Can Bosc of Tagamanent, on the Montseny Mountain,  45 minutes away from Barcelona (good train connections).

“Myriam listened to me and offered me the necessary tools, so I could access my true inner rhythm, to build my own lighthouse.”  Marta Serna, Audiovisual and Communication University student, Barcelona. 

Access Consciousness “Bars” Therapy ®

This is a body conscious therapy, that is applied through a gentle head massage, allowing body and mind to start liberating thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs in order to restore body and mind to a new level of consciousness, presence and vitality. There are 32 points or bars of energy that act on the neuronal pathways of the brain. By means gentle pressure, blockages that prevent new information to come through are opened, liberating old patterns that held you hostage in the past. It is a similar process to deleting old files from the computer, leaving free space for new information. 

  • Aimed to: Anyone.
  • Duration: Between 1 hour/ hour and a half. 
  • Place:  At your home ( Barcelona area, any further place has a travel cost fee) or in the natural environment of the Yurt, at Can Bosc of Tagamanent (45 minutes away from Barcelona). 
  • Value: 50 euros/session.

Circle of Women

“Dones d’Aigua” (Water Women) is a Circle of Women that I hold in our local Town Hall. We gather the first Friday of every month, from October to June, from 9.30 to 13.30h. If you speak Spanish and are interested contact me to confirm your assistance, as I might change the day to Saturdays, from 10 to 14.00h.

  • Aimed to:  Women and adolescents.
  • Duration: Four hours, once a month.
  • Value:  Free.
  • Place:  Sala Polivalente of the Ayuntamiento of Tagamanent,  (45 minutes away from Barcelona).