Ancestra Woman


Since my birth I have lived vital experiences that initiated me in a path of constant creativity and profound healing. I have learned to love life, transcending pain in many  of its dimensions, remembering who I am beyond my given name and re-connecting with the ancestra woman that I am. She travels through my veins from dateless time: reminding me there is order in the wild, there is responsibility in being indomitable, authenticity is truth and experience brings wisdom. It is from this place that I present and offer my work as an experimental and multidisciplinary artist. I develop my work from different lines of expression: photography, film, ceramics, video art.  I also hold space for individual and collective transformation.

I have invested great time and energy forming and informing myself to know my blind spots, to accept myself in all of my facets and live in grace with the nature of my body and the earth that holds me. There are many paths towards discovering ourselves in our frequency and vibration in tune with all our relations. I am passionate about bringing light to the hidden parts of ourselves so that they may be seen, recognized and freed. Opening space for the new.

My life has always been enriched by other cultures, ancestral knowledge, women’s diverse ways of being in the world, respect and coexistence with nature and her spirits. Because this, all of my work is marked by my place of enunciation in the world and the legacy of my ancestors.

I am part of consciousness incarnated in this body in constant transformation.

Through my work I return art and myself to its sacred birth place.

Through my energy in relationship I create and remember.

I invite you to create. I invite you to remember. I invite you to be with gentleness.

For all our relations.

“Myriam Negre’s work brings together telluric activism, women’s empowerment and ancestral symbolism; magic for the senses.” Dra. Montserrat Hormigos Vaquero, member of the Art Critics Spanish Society.

“Myriam’s work takes us to the heart of what it is to be woman, to the sacred blood that binds us as sisters and connects us with the earth. She dares to dream and to speak a new vision for humanity, where women’s blood weaves like the roots of trees birthing a new tomorrow. Her work is bold, beautiful, and groundbreaking.” AEVA Magazine

“Myriam Negre’s work connects us to our roots and our most profound feminine essence, denigrated by patriarchy.” Irene Ballester Buigues, feminist and Doctor in History of Art.

“The way Myriam holds the sacred feels like being held by the Divine Mother with unique authenticity. I have never felt so safe”. Katie, UK. (Encounter with your Power-Inner Quest for Women)


I have been part for a few years of the AEVA team. A unique magazine published four times a year, with the beginning of each season. Women are the center of its pages, full of creative and powerful articles of investigation, healing techniques, balanced living, awakening and so much more. In AEVA I have written in the section on Women’s Cycles and the menstrual cycle related to each season. I also held space in their private Facebook page “Womb Space” for subscribers. I highly recommend it, there is no other magazine alike.  

“I bring formlessness into being”