“I focus on the light that casts the shadow”

I find difficult to classify my photography, label it, or give it a style, because it doesn’t belong to the linear concept of the mind that wants to place what it perceives into a safe box. It belongs to the realm of imagination, metaphor, raw emotions and the unconscious. The observer travels through the spiral of the unknown so he or she may feel, connect, vibrate and transform the way of seeing and perceiving to become part of the whole spectrum of creativity.

I believe art as a sacred space for expression and communication, not only of the personal unconscious but also the collective unconscious, building bridges between the visible and the invisible, the right and left sides of the brain, expanding the mind. Connecting us with our purest being, free from conditionings, shaking the foundation of our perception.

“Myriam Negre’s work brings together telluric activism, women’s empowerment and ancestral symbolism; magic for the senses.” Dra. Montserrat Hormigos Vaquero, member of the Art Critics Spanish Society.

 “Myriam Negre’s work connects us to our roots and our most profound feminine essence, denigrated by patriarchy.” Irene Ballester Buigues, feminist and Doctor in History of Art.

“The first time I was in front of her photographs, the strenght and radicality of her visual proposal impacted me beyond measure.” Dra. Cristina Mateos Casado, sociologist and specialist in gender violence and diversity. 

This is a small selection of my body of work, please contact me if you would like to:

  • Know more of my work.
  • Buy a print.
  • Request the use of any image for any means.
  • Exhibit my work.

Photography Gallery