Red Path

“To return to the womb to die is a radical step in women’s consciousness”

What is Red Path?

Red Path is a path of self-knowledge, a way of understanding and connecting with the life force through our menstrual cycle, breaking the taboo of blood, death and spirituality.  Clearing the way for the wisdom of the womb to arise, so we may co-create a new consciousness and understanding of what it means to be a woman in our contemporary society, for the benefit of all our relations and the future generations.

Originally the name Red Path comes from Native America to refer to “the right path of life”. From its origin and through my experience in the Native American Red Path, I re-interprete it as “the path of menstrual blood”, inspired in a personal experience during one of my vision quests in New Mexico, United States.

How did it start?

My path started on the Montserrat Mountain, 15 years ago, during one of my bleeds. For the first time I connected with my blood in a new way, touching it, smelling it, feeling it in my hands and my body. Instinctively I started to paint my body with it and ancestral memories awakened in me. From that moment on, I felt the call to offer my blood to the 13 shrines scattered on the mountain, in gratitude to Mother Earth for life, to offer her the nutrients of fertility and life carried in my blood. I felt the restoration of the blood lineage, historically denied by the patriarcal order to all women. A bold time started for me, marked by menstruating while I was visiting sacred places, that enabled me to offer my blood in sacred sites and power centers of the earth: Machu Picchu (Perú), Teotihuacán (Mexico), Tikal (Guatemala), Stonehenge (England), Tara (Ireland) or New York’s Central Park, to name a few. It was then that I became aware of the path I had started and its transformational power for myself and the collective.


“Live from your womb, present, attentive.

Listen to yourself deeply, take responsibility.

Communicate from your truth.

Act from your creation.”

Red Path Creations

Over the years of offering my blood in many places, my creativity has expanded and I have participated in different festivals and gatherings for the transmission of a new consciousness around women’s bodies. You can follow  Red Path on Facebook  and I have created a private FB page, Unconditional Blood, for women that wish to share in a safe space their intimate experiences and creativity  in relation to their menstrual cycle.

This video documents my menstrual blood offering in New York’s Central Park.  You can also watch my short film “Red Path” and the Red Path Photography Gallery below.

“Red Path” The short film

In 2015, I made a short film about the awakening to the sacred dimension of menstruation. I wanted to make visible the taboo of menstrual blood and shake up the prejudices and beliefs towards the most powerful tool that a woman has, her menstrual blood. “Red Path” has travelled to Film Festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and Sweden, receiving very positive reviews and great admiration. It is also available to be shown in Women’s Circles, Schools, Universities and other educational purposes.

“It is a truly piece of art that speaks to a woman’s soul. The image of the woman breastfeeding in the water, the hands holding the blood vessel… It is art that is simultaneously inspiring, beautiful and touches something deep within me that says ‘yes!.” Kiersten Quinn

“Such a beautiful short film on the map of our menstrual cycle and the gift of our Sacred Blood.” Clarity Vibration

“I was so moved. I was watching my own story. The prayer at the end brought tears…all my Grandmothers release their chains. This has been my journey. Such a gift you have brought into the world.” Amber Bates


If you wish to contribute to my next documentary on the sacred dimension of menstruation or you are using this film to promote your work or share it in your workshops, a donation is highly appreciated. Thank you.

“Red Path” The Booklet

 The booklet is conceived with images and the entire script of the short film.

  • Size: 10.5 x 15 cm.
  • Hand sown.
  • English and Spanish versions.
  • Value: 10 euros + shipping cost.

Red Path Gallery