“The Earth, a gift from the Stars”

 When I create, I sing, I move, I am pleasure, I am passion, I am earth, I dissolve, I am nobody. Forms come to life through the senses as I travel to forgotten times and I remember ancestral ceremonies of offerings to re-connect with Mother Earth and her elements. I use different clays and glazes, layer upon layer, the imprint of space sinks in time and the alchemy lives through the transformation the elements in the final piece.

I also create by request

  • Unique pieces.
  • Urns, an interview will be necessary before hand.
  • For pregnant women, I create a plaster cast of the belly to make afterwards a ceramic bowl with that shape, so that the mother can have a physical piece of the space where her baby was gestated and then give it to him/her at an older age. 

So that you may offer your blood, your waters.

So that you may burn copal and myrrh.
So that it may reside upon your altar and accompany your prayer.
So that you may connect with your ancestors.
So it may be for whatever you wish.