“With multifaceted sensibility and meticulous technique, her work stimulates all our senses.  She questions everything. The flowing of the blood or the energies that pierce us every second, are an example of the narrative that place our lives in the center. Also our inner power or our natural ancestral nexus, for the construction of new consciousness and the possibility of a dignified life.” Dra. Cristina Mateos Casado, Sociologist, Expert in Gender Violence and Diversity.

A precious time of intimacy and healing, hand in hand, on a week-end. Incorporating the natural medium as the therapeutic and spiritual support that it is. Each season is unique and teach us something precious about our inner structure, about our menstrual cycle, our life cycles. With the intention of deepening in the personal issues that you want to address, so that the inner work with the earth, water, fire, air, the trees, rocks and animals, and their spirits, may favor inner transformation.  As above, so below. 

“The legend tells that there was a woman who decided to give herself the space and the time to listen to the voice of her womb and enter her inner forest with the intent to encounter the wild woman that inhabited her.  Willing to deepen her connection to her menstrual cycle, her womb, her unique spiritual path and her essence, she began the journey into the nature of the unknown…” 

“The Earth, a gift from the Stars”

Each one of these pieces are unique, made with my intuition, my heart and my hands. With the intention to carry you to forgotten times, to ancestral ceremonies of re-connection with Mother Earth and her elements.

So you may offer your blood, your waters.
So you may burn copal and myrrh.
 So they may preside your altar and  join your prayers. 
So you may connect with your ancestors.
 Or for what you wish. 

“I focus on the light that casts the shadow”

I find it difficult to classify my photography, label it, or give it a style, because it doesn’t belong to the linear concept of the mind that wants to place what it perceives into a safe box. It belongs to the realm of the imagination, the metaphor, the raw emotions and the unconscious. I believe art is a sacred space for expression and communication, not only of the personal unconscious but also the collective unconscious, building bridges between the visible and the invisible.

My relationship with Video Art began in Los Angeles during my studies at ArtCenter College of Design. Through Video Art and performance I integrate: poetry, nature, diversity of bodies and new consciousness. In my latest works I connect ancestral powers that spin around menstruation, women’s circles and our ancestral remembrance.

“Your liberation is bound up with mine”

I offer a space of intuition, intimacy and respect. Of profound listening and a new and fresh vision to situations and experiences that may need a change. Besides the individual online sessions, I can also support you in a natural environment during a weekend time, hand in hand, as nature is the best therapeutic and spiritual gift that we share.

“Myriam has supported me in various deep processes in my path towards healing, unconditionally, without judgement and I will always be grateful to her.”

Analia Tabarez, body therapist, Uruguay.